Neck/ Head Harness

Neck/ Head Harness (ANARK ARTISAN) Real Leather

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Anark's Artisan leather head harness is a high quality, genuine leather gym accessory designed to support weighted neck training using either free weights or by attaching to a pulley. This tough, durable and attractive harness is constructed from high grade leather, with padding and suede lining for comfort, premium rivets and buckle, stainless steel chain and snap hook closure.

Hand stained and embossed.

Adjustable width - one size fits most.

Please note that, as this harness is individually hand-treated with a distressed finish, the appearance of each belt is unique, and the final finish - although very similar to the above photographs - will vary slightly from belt to belt.

*Our sizing guides are provided for your reference only, and based on the best information that we have available, including considerable in-house testing. They do generally work very well, but not for everyone (as sizing online is far from an exact science). To maximise the likelihood of a good fit, please take your time and follow the instructions carefully and measure accurately. Please factor the cost of potential returns (buyer is responsible for all postage charges) into your purchase decision. Our pricing is such, however, that, even in this event, you will, in most cases, still achieve a great buy.