ANARK® Genuine Leather Boxing Bag Gloves/ Bag Mitts

ANARK® Genuine Leather Boxing Bag Gloves/ Bag Mitts

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Price slashed to clear to make way for new models - Last few pairs!

These genuine hand-crafted leather boxing mitts look great, perform brilliantly and they're built to last. Featuring premium grade leather outer, multi-layered, hand-moulded padding and hook-and-loop wrist/ strap. 3/4 thumb.

***Please note that these are BAG MITTS, NOT sparring gloves. They are not designed for, and are not suitable for, sparring. Note also that sizing for the various gloves listed on this website is not necessarily the same, so please check the following chart carefully.***

Glove Size
App. Hand Width (mm) * Place hand flat with fingers together, and measure width of hand (EXCLUDING thumb) carefully with a tape measure across the knuckles. Select a size below that matches your hand width.
X-Small, should suit hand width of... 75mm-80mm
Small, should suit hand width of... 80mm-85mm
Medium, should suit hand width of... 85mm-90mm
Large, should suit hand width of... 90mm-95mm
X-Large, should suit hand width of... 95mm-100mm

*We have found that most ladies generally wear a size XS - Med and most men a Large/ X-Large. So, if you are an average size and you fall outside of this range, please check again.

*All of our sizing guides are provided for your reference only, and based either on manufacturer provided information or on in-house product testing. They do generally work very well, but not for everyone (as sizing online is far from an exact science). To maximise the likelihood of a good fit, please take your time and follow the instructions carefully and measure accurately. Please factor the cost of potential returns (buyer is responsible for all postage charges) into your purchase decision. Our pricing is such, however, that, even in this event, you will, in most cases, still save over retail store pricing.