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You can shop with confidence with FITSTORE. We've been a part of the Australian gym and fight sports scene for over 3 decades, and specialist online distributors for around 15 years.

Thousands of Australian athletes and enthusiasts trust us for some of the industry's finest gym clothing, gym accessories, fightwear and boxing/ martial arts accessories, for unbeatable prices, and for our uniquely helpful, professional and expert customer service.

At FITSTORE, we specialise in distributing enthusiast level, top-end boxing equipment, martial arts supplies and gymwear and accessories (as opposed to the lower quality, generic, mass market brands sold by many), at prices that appeal to athletes of all levels.

The bottom-line? Better products, expert service, and unbeatable value.

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Is Weight Training Helpful or Detrimental to Boxers & Martial Artists

An opinion piece by Ben Hoole on weights-based strength and conditioning programmes for fight sports. Ben takes a strongly pro-weight training (as a supplement to primary fight training) position, based on his 30+ years experience and the evidence now available to us, arguing that most critics of weights-training programmes for boxers and martial artists have bought into some long-standing - but now thoroughly debunked - misconceptions about resistance training, and have confused bodybuilding with sports-specific resistance training tailored to the needs of fighters.