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ANARK™ Curved Genuine Leather Focus (Hook-and-Jab) Pads

ANARK™ Curved Genuine Leather Focus (Hook-and-Jab) Pads

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Focus pad drills are a popular, versatile and exceedingly effective training technique for boxing and other combat sports. They help to develop punching technique and accuracy across a wide range of strikes and punches, condition reflexes, improve footwork and combination training, and are great for general and fight-specific conditioning. Plus focus pads are portable, inexpensive and a low-impact supplement to heavy bag training. Fighters and coaches love them - and personal trainers do too.

These ANARK™ high-grade curved boxing focus pads (hook-and-jab-pads) are made from genuine, high grade leather and ergonomically designed with high quality, high density, lightweight padding and an inner palm ball for comfort, stability and additional impact resistance in the strike zone. A hook-and-loop wrist strap and ergonomic easy-grip wrist padding ensures support and a great fit.

App. 265mm x 195mm x 50mm.